Uncommon Sense

Is uncommon sense the new common sense? It seems the last few years has brought on an epidemic of senseless people doing obviously stupid things (I blame the premise of Twilight and the world’s obsession with “lol” for this). Here’s a list of seven red flagged habits from those stricken with this horrible affliction.

  1. Crossing a busy street without looking, ever. Perhaps Darwinism should help us out here.
  2. Standing in the middle of a sidewalk looking around, completely lost. Move goddamn it.
  3. Speeding up in a merging lane because you don’t want to wait in traffic. People like you are the reason there’s a back up in the first place. Also, I won’t let you in. Ever.
  4. Pulling on a locked door numerous times believing your half-assed strength will magically unlock it.
  5. Gunning it at a yellow light knowing you’ll be stopped in the middle of the intersection is a dick move. Period.
  6. Believing a magical pill will allow you to lose weight without changing your diet and exercise regimen. Seriously, get up and move around.
  7. A bum who begs for money while smoking and drinking a Starbucks coffee. Your gig is up, pal.

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