10 Road Signs That Are Way Better Than Texting

Many people text while they drive because their phone is WAY TOO IMPORTANT TO SET DOWN BECAUSE HE MIGHT TEXT ME BACK (probably just with “k”). But what if you’re texting and not paying attention and miss one of these gems? Granted, the real reason would be not to get in an accident and hurt anyone, but here’s a little extra incentive to do the right thing. And perhaps to also snap a quick pic of it and share it with everyone. Double-edged sword, eh?

1. It would be easier to hate this sign if it weren’t so true.

Via: elistmania.com

2. Again, it’d be easier to hate this sign if it weren’t so true.

Via: hotrodsandclassics.net

3. OMG you guuuuyyyyyss! šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚ šŸ™‚

Via: guy-sports.com

4. This should really be put into law already. Finders keepers, bitches.

Via: drivesteady.com

5. This must be in a great school district.

Via: damncoolpictures.com

6. Falling cows. This place has FALLING COWS. And clearly, cows who don’t give a shit that they’re falling.

7. This sign may have also caused said accident.

Via: afkra.blogspot.com

8. You would be really sad if you missed this sign. And if you just ate Taco Bell and got nervous while passing it.

Via: playfulpallett.com

9. I hear this is a great place for a honeymoon.

Via: funnysignpics.com

10. Sounds about right.

Via: oldcatman-xxx.com

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