Ever Wonder What An Olympic Diver Looks Like On A Toilet?

Look no further.

Diving is one of my favorite Olympics sports. I can’t get over how fearless and insane these people are, plummeting into the depths of water and hoping they don’t bellyflop (although sometimes, I secretly wish for a really good flop. Just once. Hopefully China, they’ve had enough diving gold).

I remember being a little tyke and pretending to do some crazy cool dive into the pool in our backyard, complete with the arm preps and heel bounces. I, of course, did flop into the pool. I can’t flip for shit, but I’m pretty sure all those kickass Olympians had to have bellyflopped at some point in their careers – amiright? Except the Chinese. I’m sure they started in their mothers’ uterus.

But as much as I love watching the diving segments during the Olympics, nothing beats these brilliantly photographed shots of real Olympian divers clearly struggling on the john. I’m positive these are real. Just look at them.

Probably too many free, sponsored Big Macs.


One thought on “Ever Wonder What An Olympic Diver Looks Like On A Toilet?

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