Justifer get engaged, The Spice Girls zig-a-zig-all over the Olympics closing ceremony, and Miley Cyrus fucks up her hair.

Today offered up some crazy breaking news in Hollywoodland, so stop worrying about the election bullshit and feast your eyes on the really important stuff.

Firstly, Jennifer Aniston is engaged to Justin Thoreaux so all is right in the world. Finally. ::breathingnormallyagain::

Secondly, not exactly Hollywood news but still worthy of everyone’s undivided attention, the Spice Girls reunited for the closing ceremonies of the London hosted Olympics. The inner teenager in me (or present 27-year old, age ain’t nothin’ but a number ya’ll) went nuts watching those five fabulous ladies strut around the gigantic British flag stage and then ghost-ride the shit out of those smashing buggies. After a few weeks of exhaustive television watching, THIS is exactly what I needed. I’m sure the athletic people liked it, too – but not as much as London’s Mayor Boris Johnson:


Lastly, Miley Cyrus got bicurious with her hair.

This isn’t the most flattering angle for the new ‘do because all I’m paying attention to are her perfectly shaped dark eyebrows. Fuck you Miley and you’re perfectly shaped eyebrows!

Anyone else think she brought in this photo to help her stylist’s inspiration for the new look?

Nailed it.

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