Would You Be So Into Me, If I Wasn’t a Celebrity?

Celebrity. With the likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and Snooki in the headlines, this term doesn’t hold much weight anymore. Put Meryl Streep, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and Viola Davis in a room with Kim K. and the talent pool suddenly drops 40% (it’s all in her ass, amiright?). How did we let ourselves feed so much money into people who already have too much?? Because we’re easy. This rich, hot chick was in a sex tape and holy shitballs she has a giant ass?!1! GOLD. Let’s give her a show so we can remember how she once did that sex tape but really just watch her pose for pictures and whine about never finding the perfectly chiseled man. Or in this case, an unapologetically flaming ego guy who stomps on kittens at the VMAs (goddamn you Kanye for making catchy fucking music – I’m supposed to hate you!).

You guys, WHAT HAVE WE DONE? The Kardashians and cast of the Jersey Shore are actual celebrities in America and it’s OUR FAULT. Sure, folks in the 26-35 demographic talk shit about these people and have probably stopped watching the shows for the most part. But the young’uns. So vulnerable.

And here’s a perfect example of how easy it is for these starstruck kiddies to fall all over themselves. I applaud this guy and his fake out to the people of NYC. First off, it’s fucking HILARIOUS. Watch how everyone is beside themselves, screaming over some guy they don’t even know. And secondly, he 10000% proved a point. Why do they believe he’s a celebrity? Because too many weirdos are these days. Go make a sex tape and cash in.

Better yet, just do what this guy did.

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