Silence Dogood: Live Simpler, Live Happier

I was recently chatting with my friend about other peoples’ excesses, and it dawned on me how much I cherish my own simplicity. A world of riches frightens me, in a way, because I love who I am while having just enough. I might go shopping here and there, but being with Mike, around my friends, playing games, being outside and throwing a ball around, window shopping, and sitting around talking about the next radical topic of conversation is absolute perfection.

The other day, Mike and I were lounging on the couch with the TV shut off and the window open, just silently listening to sounds. We just literally sat there, in the most comfortable silence. After a long day of chatter and writing and work, I didn’t even realize I wanted this moment. But it fell upon us and we both relished in it. At one point, Mike said to me, “I’m not thinking about anything, I just want to sit here with you and not talk for a bit. It’s calming.” I didn’t need him to say that, I was on the same page enjoying the peace, but I realized afterwards that he was assuring me his silence wasn’t him over-thinking or fretting or stressing. Isn’t that the typical thing girls automatically assume from a man’s silence? Ladies, sometimes silence is what brings us closer to our loved ones.

And it was that small moment that has resonated most with me this week. I loved that moment. And it didn’t hurt that he brought me a glass of wine and broke out the hummus and chips while I was lazing around that night. It’s the simple things that make it the real deal.

Take this guy, for instance.


I couldn’t leave you without a little something funny on Friday. Plus, I totally get him.


2 thoughts on “Silence Dogood: Live Simpler, Live Happier

  1. HAHAHA okay, I totally got a little teary-eyed while I was reading this…until I saw the crazy pic. Leave it to you to tug on the heart-strings while still being humorous 🙂

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