Jesus Never Wanted a Party System, He Just Wanted to Party.

Yesterday, I was looking through a post on Buzzfeed with pictures taken from the Curiosity rover on Mars. My mind was going crazy trying to comprehend the fact that these images are from another planet, a real planet, and not something created for a movie that was filmed in Utah, Arizona, or somewhere in the Middle East. It’s an insanely huge deal that the brilliant minds of NASA have landed an object on Mars. How mindblowingly awesome is that?! Super mindblowingly awesome, that’s what.

Then I kept scrolling to the user comment section and was hit with a bunch of God-haters who took this scientifically spectacular accomplishment and decided to make it a science versus faith thing. Stuff like “Science rules, God drools” and “Religion can suck it” were commented, liked, and hurrah-ed. What I don’t get is, why does one immediately feel the need to bash God over a scientific breakthrough? How come science and faith have to be separate, black and white, choosing sides? And then I remembered why.






I sincerely believe this country’s politics have single-handedly fucked up everyone’s idea of religion. From the too conservative to the too liberal, the notion of God has become an argument of good versus evil, smart versus stupid, love versus hate – all of which are the opposite of what faith in God is really all about. But apparently it’s become internet-savvy to be an atheist and bitch out anyone who might mention religion in the slightest. That’s not to say they’re the really annoying ones. The other side of the spectrum are bible-thumpers who are treating people the exact same way but using the words of the Bible as a means to talk shit about people. Do both extremes realize they’re being total dicks? Probably not, because they’re too caught up in needing to hate the other side. So where is the middle ground?

Personally, I am a proud woman of faith. I believe in God, pray to God, and have – what I believe is – a strong relationship with the almighty man upstairs. But it’s on my terms, something I’ve built for myself through experience and faith searching. And it’s far from complete because shit happens every day, and every day we’re tested. But my faith has gotten me through the roughest times of my life, and for that I am eternally thankful. I know someone is looking out for me and that everything happens for a reason. My faith is what restores my hopelessness whenever I feel beat down. So with it, I am stronger, optimistic, and steadfast. An atheist might knock me down on this idea, calling me weak because I’m not dealing with it “on my own.” Or, my favorite dispute, when bad things happen in the world and they beg the question “WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?!?!” You know who you look like? Those crazy people on the side of the road with signs that read “GOD HATES FAGS.” Everyone is trying to beat down each other, maybe hoping the other side caves. It’s exhausting. The same thing, over and over. I’ve never seen so much unwarranted hate. McKayla is not impressed, people.

I mean, why can’t more people be like Good Guy Greg?

Those who hate religion do so for the obvious reason. The super uber religious people impose their beliefs on everyone else, judging others for life decisions they don’t agree with. To quote Debbie/Leslie Mann from Knocked Up (how ironic, huh?): “You’re not God!”  And, ya know what, she’s right. The overzealous religious folk need to lay the fuck off and let people experience life, because that’s the only way people can discover faith. On their own. I would’ve never known the strength of my faith if I hadn’t hit rock bottom first. And, hey, WWJD, right? Jesus loved the prostitutes, lepers, and poor people and gave them a chance to believe without judging them for being whores, sick, or lazy. Quit hating and start embracing people for who they are, because they will notice your optimism, your happiness, and the positive way you live your life. They will take notice that you are a God-fearing individual and they’ll remember you were kind and caring because of it.

As I type, Curiosity roams Mars and, in my eyes, this outstanding accomplishment is even more reason to believe in a higher power. IT’S ANOTHER FUCKING PLANET. Living people were blessed and chosen with the ability to engineer a brilliant science to create this rover, along with other gifted people who sent it out there. Yes, science is fucking amazing! We’re exploring the fucking universe, people! And you know what else that means? God is cool, too.

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