How Do The VMAs Still Exist?

I can’t remember the last time I saw a music video. A fact that makes me increasingly sad the more I think about it because music videos used to be my bread and butter. Now I’m seeing a ton of commercials for the 2012 MTV VMAs on various TV channels and online, but I’m left wondering, Where are they getting these nominations from? Where are these music videos???  

Obviously, YouTube is the only logical explanation for any of this now. But I’m not actually on YouTube every day. Am I doing this wrong? This whole internet thing? When I do go on YouTube, I vaguely recall seeing obnoxious texts and faces plastered around the video screen area, probably telling me there’s a new music video from someone. But I try to blur the edges and concentrate on what I went there for to begin with because my brain cells are desperately attempting not to forget the matter at hand.

Seeing the VMA commercials brings back some wonderful nostalgia of the days when music videos were the SHIT. My afternoons were planned around TRL starting up and seeing who got the number one video. BSB, Nsync, Britney, Christina, Eminem? OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!1! And I’d also pop in a videotape – YES, a mothafuckin’ videotape mothafuckas – so I could record my favorite music videos and teach myself their dances. I’m pretty sure I still know “It’s Gonna Be Me,” “Oops! I Did It Again” and “One Minute Man” because I watched them so goddamn many times. And, of course, I was so pissed off when Britney lost the Best Female Video VMA to Aaliyah because, I’ma let you finish but, “Oops! I Did It Again” was the best female video that whole fuckin’ year! Plus, Aaliyah’s best video, by far, is “Are You That Somebody” and I would’ve rather it been that one. MY FAVE. But my bitterness was quickly squashed when Aaliyah was taken far too soon, so in retrospect, it all happens for a reason. MTV did great here, back when the VMAs were still good.

Back in the good ‘ol days, the VMAs would never have needed a Kim Kardashian to encourage people to watch the show (Cindy Crawford, Downtown Julie Brown, and Daisy Fuentes, FTW). Know why? Because people wanted to watch it already. You know, to see musicians perform and win awards for cool videos that we watched all the time on MTV.

Hey, remember when getting a VMA was, like, super prestigious and awesome? Yeah.


Remember when it was hosted by legitimately cool actors? Yeah, me too.


Oh hey, remember when MTV played music videos all the time and it made sense for them to host the Video Music Awards? YEAH.


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