Nic Cage is Better Than You and Me.

Is there anyone in this world with a more varied facial expressive range than Nic Cage? NO. No, there is not. He can look bored and psychotic at the same time, and that, my sweet caterpillars, is all talent and grace. Sure, his movie roles may not actually have asked for any of these expressions, and sure The Sorcerer’s Apprentice was a super shitty movie, and YES – Ghost Rider is an embarrassment to the badassness of flaming skulls, but I digress. The real question is, just how great is Nic Cage? I’m afraid you might’ve taken that as an actual question, when in fact it’s purely rhetorical. Because Nic Cage has never been a bigger star than he is right now. Especially when he’s being silly and hiding in your bed.



Or wishing you a Happy Anniversary.


Or trapped in your closet. (Way better than the R. Kelly version)

Or peepin’ you around your house.


Watching you pick out books at Barnes & Noble.


Helping you be a better worker.


Making sure you get squeaky clean.


Eating your family and friends. Probably the annoying, complaining ones, so it’s cool.


Is your friend Ann on Facebook.


And no one loses his shit quite like Mr. Cage can.


Basically, Nic Cage is doing this life thing better than any of us. And he’s been doing it for a long time. Because he’s a vampire.

One thought on “Nic Cage is Better Than You and Me.

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