In Case You Live Under a Rock, This is a Thing and You Should Know About It.

Two words:  Gangnam. Style.

This is about to change your life forever. Or at least for the 15 minutes of fame this wonderfully hyper song will thrive on in this pop culture saturated world. It’s already gained some immense popularity, but since most of the world doesn’t catch on with these things until 6 months later, here’s the lowdown as to why Gangnam Style is legit and awesome right now.

The artist’s name is PSY. P-S-Y. Yea, whatcha think about that Prince?

I know, you must be super pissed that it’s shorter than yours.


Anyway, PSY is a muthafuckin badass who chases people around with his horse-y dance.

(It’s sort of like the normal street folks in San Francisco, but with more rhythm.)


He also supports equestrians.



And Asian cowboys.



And he totally loves kids.


And supports yoga, too.


And people who dare to wear neon yellow suits.


Basically, PSY can work the shit out of that pony dance and doesn’t give a fuck what you have to say about because he’s fancy and you’re not. Besides, anyone who can take the world by storm (and by world, I mean America) with a foreign language song and inspire a generation of YouTubers to post videos of themselves performing this pony prance dance, is alright in my book.

Look! Even Britney is doing it!



And Batman!

Gangnam Style - random Photo


So next time you and your friends are having a dance party (because I know it happens) and someone is like, “OMG, wtf should we do tonight? YOLO, right?” You go ahead and punch them really hard in the fuckin face. ‘Cause YOLO is sooooo 12 seconds ago and Gangnam Style is in. You have 15 minutes to do this up right, and then you can look back at how stupid you are doing this pony dance. Until then –



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