If the Internet Had Emotions, This Post Would Encapsulate All of Them.

Oh hot damn! I’m a .com now. Stubbornly thinking all over this muthafuckaaaaaaa! I’ll try to reel in my excitement…ahem, onto biznass.

Contrary to my first two Parks & Recreation posts this week, the characters on this show are actually sober most of the time. It’s like 70/30.

Regardless, I’m continuing my lovefest of this show by sharing with you fine folks the many different faces of Parks & Rec. Possibly the funniest part of any show filmed in documentary style is that it allows for the greatest facial expressions of all mankind. Everyone gives great face, and all of these faces are expressions we’ve all known and shared and unintentionally displayed ourselves (we’re just not doing it in front of cameras and rich and funny and famous and stuff). P&R will go down in history as providing televsion (and the internet) with some of the greatest reactions and comedic moments, ever. Tom’s Tom face is possibly one of the happiest things I’ve ever seen in my life, I can literally feel the endorphines releasing when he makes that face. Ron Swanson has a gift:  To be completely devoid of emotion, yet get sentimental at the same time. He super hates it though. And he doesn’t give a shit about you or me, which makes me love him more. Everyone on this show gets those “OMG LOOK AT THEIR FACE HAHA!” moments, making it hard to pick a favorite. So I’m not gonna, and you can’t fuckin make me, goddammit. These are GOOD PEOPLE. REAL PEOPLE (I’m getting a ‘lil crazy now). I love them all equally. Except for Jerry.

Today you get a real treat. It’s just a handful of the many expressions of Parks & Recreation! Better known as, the internet’s emotional core.

Ron, why don’t you start us off here?

Today, Ron is feeling casual.

Treat Yo Self!<br /><br />
spiffypop:</p><br />
<p>Treat Yourself 2012 is coming up!<br /><br />
Will you celebrate with me?<br /><br />

“Oh, Ann. You beautiful, naïve, sophisticated newborn baby.”

Ann does it again! Another priceless facial expression.

Best. Facial. Expression. Ever.

parksandplaid:</p><br />
<p>For accuracy’s sake, Jerry even wore plaid for the reenactment. Getting to see this somehow makes this plaidbare episode more tolerable.<br /><br />

shogunofyellow:</p><br />
<p>How I imagine “kekekeke” looks IRL.</p><br />
<p>That face!

Smile Andy! You’re on camera!

“Doughnuts… Go nuts!”

dashedlines:</p><br />
<p>Parks and Rec comes back tonight!!!!!<br /><br />

Let’s recap, shall we?

And just for funsies.

Sweet moves.

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