It’s The Best Day of This Week!

About fuckin time.

Yes, the show I’ve been dedicating my blog to for the past week is finally back tonight. NBC @ 9:30PM. Tomorrow, I will be coming up with material other than Parks & Recreation related – or so I will try. But until then, I’ll be dying of excitement all day today, trying to keep my cool, at my desk looking like this.


Ron Swanson Excited


But when I get home.

I get to find out what the hell is going on with some of my favorite (fictional) friends tonight. As do you, if you’re a decent human being wishing for what’s good in life. Don’t you want happiness? Reflect on it, take a look in the mirror and ask for yourself.

You look like shit. But you have a potentially amazing bone structure so go watch an episode of Parks & Recreation and you’ll be as good as new! Or you’ll be Rob Lowe, which is probably an upgrade anyway. So go on then! TREAT. YO. SELF.





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