Jennifer Lawrence, Please Don’t Ever Look In The Direction of Lindsay Lohan.

The internet was kind enough to put together a compilation of Jennifer Lawrence being interviewed by various talk show hosts and fellow celebs. The result is this video and the awesomesauce that is Jennifer Lawrence.

First off, we should be friends. I see amazing sleepovers, hair braiding, and wine parties in our future. The fact that she snuck in some Harry Potterness makes us soul sisters and we can take turns reading randomly from all the books only to later discuss the major themes that resonate most. Now, I haven’t put much thought into it, but those are just some suggestions.

Secondly, she genuinely seems pretty fuckin cool. Which means we must protect her from the evilness that is Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Jennifer, don’t ever do drugs. Not even Tylenol. You might even want to steer clear of any kind of vitamins, just in case. Stick to those adult vitamin gummies because I’m pretty sure they aren’t what they say they are and it’s just 100% sugary goodness. While we’re at it, no more powdered sugar, we don’t want you getting any ideas. The only exception would be on top of french toast because that shit is fuckin GOOD. Also, try not to worship Brad and Angelina too much because you don’t want none of that crazy. But I will wholeheartedly agree that Brad Pitt is super hot and aging unfairly well.

Basically, I feel like it’s our American – nay, HUMAN duty to make sure Jennifer Lawrence stays awesome and brilliant. If you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone, the movie she was an Oscar nominee for, she is absolutely amazing. And, of course, she’s the perfect Katniss. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this young actress, but let’s make sure it’s not the same path as LiLo and Amanda. They be fucked up.

Jen, give me a call, we have the same dreams.



One thought on “Jennifer Lawrence, Please Don’t Ever Look In The Direction of Lindsay Lohan.

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