The Brits Are Hilarious, and So Is This Sexist Fake Ad.

Back in 2009, the folks from the BBC’s comedic series That Mitchell and Webb Look created a television advertisement that pretty much nails the difference between female and male commercials. Basically, this clip is both kinda sexist AND super hilarious. But if you take this type of social commentary really seriously, my advice would be to a) don’t watch it and b) stop being a pussy. This shit is funny so quit being an asshole.


“And your children’s clothes are filthy.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s funny because it’s so goddamn true – right? Us chesticled beings are constantly bombarded with laundry detergent, hair color, anti-aging, and period cramping advertisements, whereas the testicled folk get condoms, Axe body spray, Old Spice, shaving, and beer ads. Aren’t gender stereotypes FUN??1!

To relieve you of this hilarious bit ‘o sexism, here are some awful things that are completely and uselessly unisex.


Hug Me Jacket

(because it deserves another photo)

Shark pillow/suffocator

DIY Ostrich Pillow

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