Hey Look! The UK Is Kinda Gross.

This is a thing. A real thing in the UK.

Okay, first of all –


Second, someone was actually paid to come up with this idea and see it through. WTF Brits – I thought you guys were better at staying skinny than us meat-lovin’ Americans? Granted, I love me a good ballpark frank – load that shit up with ketchup, mustard, grated cheese and maybe some chili and I’ll be shittin’ rainbows all day long. But, there’s a line that must be drawn with our heavier foods, and UK Pizza Hut has crossed the line and made it gross.

Besides, they’re doing hot dogs a large injustice because you know that crust could get burnt and then what? No, my hot dog must be served on a soft bun so all the juices can be properly absorbed – like a fuckin SPONGE. There must be an even condiment to hot dog touching ratio and this just doesn’t work. I don’t dip my dog, nor do I just drizzle mustard over it. It must be all encompassing, totally at one together. Lots of touching and no pizza. If I want pizza, I’ll put it on the side. It’s triangular, so that shit will fit.

Plus, this could increase the amount of hot dogs eaten daily (YUM!), putting the entire UK population at a higher risk of butt cancer (oh…). It’s science.


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