Here Ye, Here Ye! Arrested Development Art Thou A Fuckin’ Awesome Picture.

I have no idea what that title is but let’s not give any shits about it. What I do know is the cast of Arrested Development have reunited – and in an EW spread which makes it so much more REAL! – in the greatest picture of all time. I want it mounted on my living room wall. Better yet, I want it painted on my living room wall. Corner to corner. I’ll live so happily, every day.

It’s so goddamn beautiful. And Michael Cera is giving some of the best face of his life here.


I’m so happy right now.



10 Things People Should Stop Doing.

1. Getting ready to go to the gym as if you’re going out to the club. Just…stop that. I hope you get a ton of acne from all the sweat and foundation that’s about to drip off your face.

2. Instagraming everything. I just want normal pictures again.

3. Using Facebook as a means to make people jealous of what you have, who you have, and what you’re eating. Stop giving a shit about what people think of you. Not all pictures need to be status updates. Enjoy the moment without the need for instant technological gratification.

4. Wearing gaucho pants of any kind. They are seriously hideous.

5. Emulating anyone from any reality television show. Be yourself, not some drunken, bitchy, slut of a person who might get a thousand views on YouTube. Unless that actually IS who you are, in which case you need to be hosed off and slapped really hard in the face because you’ve got to be kidding me.

6. Reading Twilight.

7. Uggs worn with shorts or skirts. THIS HAS NEVER MADE ANY SENSE.

8. Saying, “I’m so over the drama.” Bitch please. Your thumbs are still twitching over the 500 word Facebook status you just wrote about it.

9. Going on Facebook to live vicariously through other people. Stop competing with people you knew 10 years ago. You’re not them and life isn’t that bad. You might want to try stepping outside and breathing air, or something.

10. Saying Voldemort’s name. HE WILL FIND YOU.

In Case You Feel Like You’re Having A Bad Day…

Just watch this gif of Justin Bieber throwing up on stage in front of thousands and thousands and thousands of people. Which is now being viewed by hundreds of millions of people across the world because the internet is all powerful and run by unicorns.

(Soooo you puke at the sound of your music, too? I suddenly feel like we could be friends.)

See? Life ain’t so bad. Thanks Biebs, you’re a good sport!

Warning: This Picture Will Cause Your Ovaries to Die.

I had the day off work today, except that didn’t stop me from working. I guess that’s what happens when you have a job you actually, thoroughly enjoy doing. You just can’t stop.

Anywho, this Monday post is late, but it won’t be disappointing. In fact, it may be the greatest thing you see all day. And for that, you are welcome.

3. Ryan allowed her to touch his right tricep.

Fuck off, Rooney Mara. You’re seriously depressing me.