The More You Know.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the most concise definition of the phrase “fo shizzle my nizzle,” then look no further.

This was written in 2002, so you know it’s legit.

First off, I’m still far more in favor of the original saying than this “fo shizzle” stuff. “Concur” is probably the most undervalued word in the English language, wouldn’t you agree? (insert your own “concur” here.) Not to mention the usage of “whole heartedly” and “brother” really deepens the meaning of the phrase. I’m sure you aren’t my actual sibling, but I’m touched that you would regard me in such a close and familial way, whole heartedly. HUGZ.

Secondly, the Vietnamese know wassup. Pho shizzle my vizzles.

The second lesson of the day is in marketing. Here’s how you grab the people’s attention to the point where they might feel offended, but then you turn shit around and give ’em an internet punch in the face for making such a rash assumption.

BAM. Hut Weber just schooled you on marketing print and now you want to know who they are because, let’s face it, that’s a fucking awesome print idea. Plus, top hats are the bees knees and inspire one to perform industrious dance moves. Clearly.


And that concludes this blog’s edition of:

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