10 Weird Food Products That Exist In This World.

I’m pretty sure Asian countries have absolutely no grasp on the English language.

But then we wouldn’t be blessed with these amazing pieces of crap. Do you think they know what they’re doing in their marketing meetings, or is the other side of the world just THAT much different?

Regardless, here are 10 food & beverage products that actually exist, with my own invented tag lines. Because why not?

“Made with real crystal meth!”


“Disappointing Bachelorette parties worldwide!”


“They’ll slip right out!”


“They’ll keep you coming back for more!”


“Best when consumed with Creme Betweens.”


“The official cookie of the YMCA.”


“Goes down refreshingly smooth!” (Unfortunately banned in some states)


“For when she needs to shut the fuck up.”


“Organically made.”


“There’s chicken in it!”


In other news, I’ve now added Asia as a must-see continent on my bucket list.

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