Oscar the Grouch: Award Snubs I’m Feeling Pissy About.

This is one of my favorite times of the year. Oscar season. Where all the A-list celebs sell themselves to the Academy in a desperate attempt to win a golden statue. It’s also when the best movies show themselves and I scramble to watch as many as I can so I’m able to formulate my own opinion when the winners are announced. This usually results in a delighted applause or a constant screaming of, “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?”

This morning Oscar nominations were announced and there are few Fuck Yous I’d like to take up with the members of the Academy regarding the big award nods.

1. Katharine Bigelow not nominated for Best Director for Zero Dark Thirty. FUCK YOU.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio not nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Django Unchained. FUCK YOU.

3. Christoph Waltz was nominated under Best Supporting Actor for Django – and was amazing in it – but should’ve been recognized as Lead Actor (though probably wouldn’t have been nominated in that category) – thus further twisting the knife from #2. FUCK. YOU.

4. Sam muthafuckin’ Jackson not nominated for Best Supporting Actor in Django but Alan Arkin was for Argo. WHAT THE FUCK YOU.

5. Ben Affleck not nominated for Best Director for Argo. GODDAMMITFUCKYOU.

Hey, other than that the list looks pretty great and I’m all jazzed to watch the big show this year. Lincoln racked up plenty of deserving nominations and Silver Linings Playbook (one of my favorites of the year) got a lot of love from the old farts in the board room. Good work, Harvey Weinstein! Now get out from under that table, you crazy son of a bitch.

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