There Should Be One Of These Next To All Fire Hydrants.

You know, in case of fabulosity.

What could be more amazing when walking down the street than someone smashing this box to pieces? It would even make Tommy Lee Jones crack a smile and give a snap.

Mind you, it could cause some confusion, too. I’m pretty sure if I saw glitter flying everywhere, I’d have three thoughts:

1. Someone slayed a unicorn.

2. A gay man sneezed.

3. Someone is feeling fucking fabulous.

I think I can say with 100% confidence that this sparkly box would help cure the world of narcissism, even though that glitter would still probably be stuck to your clothes and hair a month later. But wouldn’t that weeks later glittery find make you feel completely amazing?? YES. It would. Shut up, don’t deny the fabulous.

If the Irish can pass a motion to okay drink-driving, the rest of the world (and by that, I mean San Francisco) can put one of these babies on every street.

Wouldn’t you agree, He-Man?

Oh he’s already there.

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