Sounds Like New England Is Gonna Have No Problem Finding Nemo.

Who names a giant storm Nemo? I think it’s safe to say, we all attribute the name “Nemo” with a precious little handicapped clown fish who scared the shit out of us as we watched – captivated – while his dad and Ellen Degeneres went through hell to find him. Basically, it’s one of Pixar’s best and has no negative connotation in life, at all.

So maybe the weather guys were tracking this crazy blizzard and said, “Hey! This is a super shitty storm coming, so let’s try to lessen the blow and veto naming it Cujo. What’s a cuter?” BOOM. Nemo.

Apparently Boston is getting the brunt of this storm, as if the Pats losing twice in the Superbowl to the NY Giants wasn’t enough for them. But hey, the Bruins are doing well!

Since my boyfriend is originally from Boston and a huge amount of his family is still up in those parts, I’d like to send my thoughts and warm wishes (seriously, it’s fucking cold there) to all of them while they muscle through little, precious, crippled Nemo.


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