Thrift Shopping in Diagon Alley.

By now, everyone should know the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore. It’s the only rap song on the radio that’s actually practical. Why YES, I do like thrift shopping. I find it much more worth my money to browse inexpensive clothing and usable knick knacks than paying $50 for one shirt, because I will most definitely spill something on it or just…drool. Believe that.

So when this crafty little ditty comes on my radio, I crank that shit up. I can respect Macklemore wanting to dress up like a grandfather, it’s not really my thing, but no one can deny the warm suppleness of a knit sweater and elbow patches. I mean, without those patches, your elbows would be imprinted with grids of thread when resting them on a table surface, and that’s fucked up – no matter how much tougher the elbow skin is.

I’m more of a granny chic Maxxinista myself. See, I’m convinced there’s a 70 year-old woman living inside of me (which explains my love of wrapped candies), my name is Sharon Ruth, after all. So if I see a really awesome collared shirt or any shoes with laces, I’m pretty much sold.

Most of the time, places like Urban Outfitters ride the granny train HARD. To the point where, if any grandparent scanned through a bunch of their clothes, they’d be like, “Jesus Abe Lincoln, this shit is old.” But it’s not old, it’s new clothes trying to be old while priced like an antique store, and that’s so much worse. No, I do not want to buy your cut out doily blouse. The back literally doesn’t exist and my bra does. That’s $60 well saved. If you want to dress like a grandpa, thrift that shit.

Thus, the whole “Thrift Shop” tune is something I can actually thoroughly agree with, not just rap along to – which is more acceptable because Macklemore is white. YAY!

This is where I put in a Harry Potter reference, because it’s my blog so I can AND I WILL.

Snape, sup?


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