My BFF’s Movie Just Got A Full Length Trailer.

It’s pretty much public knowledge that Jennifer Lawrence and I are best buds. And by public knowledge, I mean I’ve stated it here on my blog and written a bunch of awesome crap about my unconditional love for her. Nothing creepy, really.



Jen and the Hunger Games crew unveiled the full length trailer for Catching Fire, the movie adaptation for the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy. Cue me shitting my pants.

It must be said, because this is really important for you to keep living your life with contentment, I think Catching Fire is the best book of the series. So much happens, and it’s all sooooooo good. There’s much to be said regarding the impact this series has made, but the best part comes in twofold: 1) author Susan Collins’ commentary on socioeconomics, reality television, and government control (OMGSOMUCH), and 2) Jennifer Lawrence is the shit.

Donald Sutherland had some fabulous words to say about the depth of this series, go ahead and peep an old blog I wrote about it here. DO IT OR I’LL BE SO SAD.

Enough of this chitter-chatter. Watch, and then change your shorts, like me.

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