Clever Pizza Bastards.

I always enjoy a fun bathroom sign, especially when done in a creative manner.

But have fun explaining this to your kid.


Boy child: “Dad, how come our bathroom only has one slice on it?”

Terrified father: “Shhhiii – um, well son, you see…in order for more pizzas to be made, and feed everyone coming in after us, the boy slice has to fit into the girls’ pizza. See how there’s a slot? – err, an empty slice there? Yea, that makes sense. And…and sometimes, the boy pizza slice will be, maybe like, two slices big, and the girl’s pizza will be overworked – err, the filler area part will be wider, to fit the boys’ two slices. Okay?”

Boy child: “That’s how more pizzas get made?”

Terrified, but slightly proud father: “Yep. That. Yes, that is how it’s done.”

Boy child: “You’re so full of shit, Dad.”

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