Could This BE Anymore San Franciscan?

Actually, this is just so West Coast, it’s practically growing a full beard.

My wonderful friend sent this to me from SFO before heading off to NYC for a few weeks. The picture was accompanied by, “Only in SFO.”

But, c’mon, what says “yoga” more than an airport?

yoga at sfo

Let’s make a list of requirements for attending the Yoga Room in the Terminal 2 Recompose Area at the San Francisco International Airport:

  • At least a third of your body must be covered in plaid.
  • Warby Parker frames, or GTFO.
  • If you bring a friend with dreadlocks, you’re class is 50% off.
  • Lululemon, or GTFO.
  • Must have at least 5 different types of fresh Farmer’s Market produce in your cloth bag.
  • Only accepts people flying to Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Indonesia, South Africa, or Amsterdam.
  • All participants are required to try to bring their bike on the plane. Lifetime airport yoga membership if successful.
  • No blondes.
  • Discounts for anyone who is wearing a shirt with the same pattern as the sign.

If you go to yoga over grabbing a strong drink before flying, we can’t be friends.

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