NOOOOOO! Goodbye, “What Not To Wear”.

In honor of tonight being the series finale of WNTW, and me relying on its syndication as the source of fashion sanity, time to remember all the good Clinton and Stacy have provided this world.

stubborn thoughts

I’m going to go cry now.

After 10 seasons of amazing style and personal transformations, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are closing up shop on “What Not To Wear.” This is massively depressing on so many levels.

First, I’m sure Stacy and Clinton are totally spent. They’re practically glorified therapists and style customer service reps. Can you imagine preaching the same damn rules to nearly 350 people over the course of 10 seasons? SHOOT ME NOW. There’s only so many times I would’ve been able to say, “Dark wash jeans, NOT light wash jeans” or “You’re not fat, you just don’t know what to wear” or “Dresses aren’t the devil’s work!”

Frankly, I’m so impressed with Stacy and Clinton’s patience, and it’s been tested. As someone who has worked in customer service in the great city of Sin, I know what it’s like to hear the same goddamn thing over…

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