I See What Shoe Did There

A coincidence is afoot.


A MARVELOUS coincidence.

Also, he wishes.

That Moment When You See Iggy Azalea For the First Time




Hearing “Fancy” and then seeing Iggy in her natural state of New Zealand-ness are two very different experiences. AMIRIGHT?

Medicaring About Sports.

I often wonder how different an athlete’s healthcare coverage is from mine. Apparently, LeBron’s is probably fairly similar. I often feel crampy once a month, and Lord knows the stairs leading out of the train station are a doozy on my hammies.

But let’s be serious. The NBA Finals are happening simultaneously as the Stanley Cup Finals (that’s hockey, to those wondering “Stanley, who?”). I’ve gotten really into hockey since I first met my husband, a Boston born Bruins fanatic. I think the biggest realization I’ve had since getting into hockey is how basketball and baseball players can be huuuuuuuuge pussies.

LeBron, if you please.


Last year, I watched a hockey game where a guy actually kept playing on a broken leg. A BROKEN LEG. This wasn’t an RG3 ragdoll showcase, either. This guy was legitimately playing, skating with a limp, and plowing into guys until he physically couldn’t handle anymore.

On top of that, even the referees in hockey are more badass. This past season, a ref got knocked on the side of his head by a speeding puck. The officials called time to let him off the ice and get checked out, only to come back from commercial with the ref returning to the game, swelling face and all. When asked why he came back, he said, “I’m fine.” And he was. It was no biggie. Game on.

I should’ve known hockey was one of the greatest sports of all time. My childhood even encouraged it.


Call Me, Maybe?


Oh, hey, guys. Let’s catch up. What’s happenin’? What’s the goings on? How you doin’?

Enough about you. Let’s talk about me. In the past few weeks since I last posted I have:

  • Gotten a new job.
  • Gone on my honeymoon.
  • Been in Alaska.
  • Been in Canada.
  • Been on a mothafuckin’ SHIP.
  • Been crazy, balls out busy.

Good talk. Same time next week, yea? Cool.

Alright, time for the punch line.

This invention is divine.


The bluetooth is IN the gloves. So you are encouraged to look like a crazy person faking a phone call with your hand while you’re…ACTUALLY HAVING A PHONE CALL WITH YOUR HAND.

Christmas just came early.