How I Imagine the World Sees Wall Street.

Basically, it’s a dead ringer.



“Does this suit make my wallet look big? HAHAHAHA YEA IT DOES YOU SILLY WHORE CUH-CAW-CUH-CAW! …ahhh ha. My life is empty…coo.”

Valentine’s Day 2013 Sounds Like A Good Day To Die Hard.

Perhaps not for the same reasons as others, especially those who will be listening to a mix of Adele, Beyonce and Alanis Morissette throughout the day, but for those of us who KICK ASS, read on.


This movie will not suck – you know why? Because it’s John fuckin McClane. Look, I don’t care how old Bruce Willis is getting, because when he takes on the persona of John McClane, it’s fucking awesome. Always. Forever. And if Brucey decides to do 20 more Die Hard films, I will be there. Opening day.¬†Front row. Yippee-ki-yayin’ all fuckin day long.

So without further adue, if you haven’t seen this teaser trailer for A Good Day To Die Hard (aka, Die Hard 5), you need to stop what you’re doing immediately and get pumped up. ‘SPLOSIONS! JOHN MCCLANE! THE ODE TO JOY! PUNCHING FACES! MORE ‘SPLOSIONS!!! I just want to play with fire right now and jump out my office window landing on a passing trolley bus because how badass would that be??! But since I’m not a dumbass piece of shit, I’ll leave that to John fuckin McClane and the good people in Hollywood to make those stunts come to life. Or on screen. Whatever.

Watch this.