This Post Has A Lot of Boobs In It.

Oh, hey there, menfolk. Nice of you to drop by.

As for the lady viewers, we tend to admire a good rack if we see one. But it’s the same sense as if we were driving through a really nice part of town that we’d never care to live in and gaze at all the big houses as we judge their front lawns and discuss what we’d do differently.

By the way, when I said boobs, I meant the fake kind.

And not the Pam Anderson fake kind.

Just the inserts.


That kid is no less excited about them. He’s coppin’ his first fake titty feel right now.

I appreciate the old school decor. It juxtaposes nicely with the brand new modern silicon boobies spread about, oh so artistically.

The ironic part is this guy’s a dentist.