An East Bay Concert Experience vs a SF Concert Experience.

I saw the Backstreet Boys in concert last night, and it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Pure fucking joy. A sold out crowd singing a bunch of ’90s songs, very loudly, together. I’m a dedicated BSB fan, so you bet your ass I knew the new shit, too.

But I realized, after the fact, that the only people I knew who also attended, or might’ve attended, the show were all East Bay local folks, like myself. Which is a little odd, considering how concert-happy they are in SF.

It made me think, what’s the difference between a concert experience in San Francisco versus the one I had last night in the East Bay?

Allow me to express my thoughts via so many gifs.


A refined excitement; they’re just as enthusiastic as East Bayers, except they’re totally stoned and drunk. Pretty sure there’s a banjo requirement to perform in SF, or, at the very least, an agreement to throw in dubstep for an ample substitution.

SF concert-goers may look something like –







Balls-out, teenage excitement; we can’t believe we’re old enough to drink beer AND watch boy bands. Fuck your Golden Gate Park, we have Mt. Diablo, it’s on literally fire because it’s summertime in the East Bay, and HOLY SHIT, BACKSTREET’S BACK.

East Bay concert-goers may look something like –





This concludes today’s lesson on geo-cultural juxtaposition.

(goes back to listening to her BSB Spotify list)