One Of The Plights Of Humankind.

I would classify myself as a decently intelligent human being. I have an above average awareness of common sense, while still maintaining an air of childish ignorance. Granted, I’m no where near the brilliant stratospheres of some people –


but I ain’t mad in the morning when I look into the mirror.

All that being said, this is absolutely, 100% true to fact.


Just…panic. For a good 15 seconds, am I right? Why aren’t all shower heads and controls built the same? STOP FUCKING AROUND, HOME DEPOT.


But once you figure it out, your shoulders immediately pull back, and you’ll use whatever fucking shampoo, conditioner, or soap of your friend’s that you fucking want. Razors are free game if it’s only the armpits.

Or is that just me?

Consumerism: Because Who Needs Common Sense?

Want to know the best way to save money?



To those of you who paid $3.00 to charge an electronic, a guy named Darwin is looking for you.

Go die.

Also, your future called and I told it to find you here.


The More You Already Know.

Today’s lesson comes from Captain Obvious.

Hey Cap’n! Step on up here and introduce yourself.

Panel border??! SO TRUE. You are blowing my mind already. So what obvious common sense of the day are you bringing us this fine Monday?



And this concludes today’s segment of The More You Already Know by Captain Obvious.