Assholery Or Awesomery?

Yes, I made both those words up, but they felt good.

Anyway, was someone a little desperate to fill their quota today?

Let’s forget the fact that I believe this car belongs to a Who from Whoville. Clearly that car is buried deep, and the angel on my right shoulder keeps whispering some bullshit in my ear about how it would have been nice if the officer removed more of the snow – you know, to make the obvious statement of, “I CAN STILL SEE YOUR CAR, BRO.” But instead they dug in there juuuust enough so the car’s owner not only has to pay the ticket but they also have to remove all that fucking snow.

I don’t know whether this is a dick move or a brilliant show of public service.

Either way, I want to joyfully jump on the hood of that car while singing “Fah who foraze, dah who foraze, welcome Christmas come this way!”