I’m Just Saying You LOOK Like A Whore, Not That You ARE One…

I’m not going to talk about that person everyone else is talking about, but I WILL point you in this direction – because I totally wrote a blog about her last week. But that’s where I stop, because she’s gotten enough attention and it needs to stop, no matter how much she thinks it won’t stop, or can’t stop.


On a related note, Dave Chappelle said something funny this one time, and I think it basically goes with the theme of today, don’t you think?


It’s like Dave is sneaking into this picture full of words, am I right?

I’m right. And he’s right, too.

Beware Of Sexual Predator Dog.

This is the greatest thing in the world. Like, giggling for hours type stuff.

It’s also completely believable.



It’s looking at me. Well, its left eye is, at least. The right one is probably scanning for additional prey.

The pink collar is seriously freaking me out, though.


Badly Placed Monday Meme.

I have found a new favorite meme.

But I feel as though I should precede it with an ill placed, real life picture – just to emote a really good reaction from you, my dear reader.

So without further adieu, let’s jump right in to the good stuff.


I think my favorite part of this is the “Progressive” flyer just making it into the shot. Nice touch.

And on that note, time for my new favorite meme, badly placed.


Let’s just assume this sphinx is a lady, and a terrible one at that, wearing non-waterproof mascara. Weaksauce.

I’m pretty impressed she can keep her eyes open the whole time, but she’s seriously getting it everywhere and I’m not cleaning up.

This Is Why Girls Hate Being Single.

Sometimes the internet just nails it.

Take note, fellas. Most of you have absolutely no creepy-eye stare filter. Because of this, you really fucking freak us out and are the reason 98% of women carry pepper spray in a fake tampon case.

You just make it way too obvious when you’re having an internal private conversation with your privates. I can imagine that conversation goes something like, “LOOK AT THEM TITTIES.”

Just know that if women had any kind of special powers for this type of common situation, it’d probably be something like this.

Take dat.