Can You Find All Four Mallets In This Picture?

It’s been a whole year since I’ve posted, and I promise 2014 will be better than that crappy joke I just made.

I’m sure everyone is already deep in anxiety over their New Year Resolution, but – don’t worry – soon enough, it’ll be February and you’ll feel more like –


Until then, give it your best shot, or whatever.

Onto more pressing and educational matters, let’s play a fun game! You know those picture riddle things where you have to find all the objects and circle them? Yes.

Quick, find all four mallets.


Take your time.


Okay, way too much time. Let’s see how you did.


Two words: DICK. MOVE.

Please take another few seconds to admire this utterly fantastic pun.

So much symbolism in this one picture. A bunch of young boys with wooden sticks, drooling over an older, hot girl, ready to throw their balls at her.

Never mind, this isn’t symbolism, this is a just a typical dance at my old high school.