“Want to Hear the Most Annoying Sound in the World?”

This is the only picture that matters to me today. I hope it matters to you, too (or to?). Because if it doesn’t, we probably won’t ever be friends.

BEHOLD! A couple of dumbasses.

source: comingsoon.net

source: comingsoon.net

You’re fliggin’-flangin’ right! Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are in the midst of the long awaited sequel to one of the greatest comedies of ALL TIME Dumb & Dumberer, aptly titledĀ Dumb & Dumber To.

Because this atrocity to mankind needs to be wiped off Mother fucking Earth.


Did anybody even see it? I was firm in my boycott to avoid it at all costs, because NO. No, no, no, NUH.

But this


I’m gonna watch this so hard.

In light of this excellent news, I’m going to pick up some hitchhikers on my way home and singing a resounding version of “Mockingbird.”