I See What You Did There…

Of all the metaphors, puns, and endless ironies that can be put into action as a bookstore employee, I think this one is a must.


Granted, I’m not about to sort through any of those books to find the one I want, because I am an American and I have shit to do. However, I WILL buy you a coffee and rest my hand firmly on your shoulder as a sign of good will and accomplishment.

But don’t think I won’t head over to the Fantasy section and hope to see a) Dumbledore, b) Legolas, or c) Tyrion-fucking-Lannister. I have high expectations for this bookstore.

You Shall Not Pass, Asshole.

Yea. Good luck trying to cut this guy off.


Can’t you just imagine it being a stick shift? But the stick being a mothafucking STAFF.

That Honda has been through so much. I hope the white shores provide you with great garage space. You deserve nothing less, good sir.

Nerd Alert! What Really Happened At The Council Of Elrond in “Lord of the Rings.”

I can’t stop giggling.

I also can’t stop watching it. And I kinda want a banana now, too.

It’s just…it’s perfect. Enjoy this, and enjoy life more from this point in time forward. And just know that you will always, ALWAYS have myyy axe.


Also, anyone see The Hobbit? It’s fucking fantastic. God I love Middle Earth. Tolkien, you sly son of a bitch.