It’s Black History Month! Let’s See How People Are Celebrating.

It’s February and that means America and Canada decided to dedicate a whole month to honoring Black History. A whole MONTH. Can you imagine what it was like in the fake meeting room when they created Black History Month?

White Guy 1: “Hey fellas, anyone else still feel bad for the whole slavery thing? We should do something about it.”

White Guy 2: “Super duper idea! Maybe we should give them a month to do black stuff?”

White Guy 3: “That’s a damn good idea. But let’s give them February because I can’t take a whole 30 days.”

In actuality, Black History Month was created in 1976 as an expansion of what was Negro History Week (yea, that’s right – I’m not just a pretty face). Maybe someday the Mexicans will get their own month, too, after all the illegal alien shit is figured out and we aren’t tazing them for mowing our lawns or cleaning our bathrooms. Progress, people! Just keep moving forward.

Regardless of the fact that our black brothers and sisters get the shortest month of the year to celebrate and acknowledge great accomplishments in American history, let’s take a peek at what this fine month has to offer!

Hey, the Mexicans are excited! Or this is a Canadian school and they’ve never seen a Mexican or an African so they just went for it.

This would be more true if it were written on the front. Besides, this shirt just makes me want to invite you over for game night…or basketball? And PS: I have this shirt, too.

Disney is celebrating in typical Disney fashion. Though they’re usually way more subliminal than this.

Too long, guys.

Well this is just straight up peacocking. (GET IT??! NBC…peacock…peacocking…OMFG.)

Of course the Academy would do this. At least they love Denzel.

Exactly, Ms. Parks. Ladies, we can all learn something from this woman.

And finally, let’s bring in God.

There isn’t anything stupid about this picture, I just really love Morgan Freeman.

Black history IS American history, so take this wonderful month of February to keep celebrating the incredible strength and courage of our African American forefathers and foremothers. Plus, Beyonce. So really, it should just be another day – but with way more rhythm, athleticism, and far better dance moves.