Your Bible Needs This Viable Bookshelf Companion.

I think this would be an amazing Christmas or Hanukkah gift, especially coupled with a copy of The Lion King on blu-ray.


I assume this is another Nicholas Sparks masterpiece. If so, please, dear GOD, let them cast Ryan Gosling as the lion. And then immediately tell me where I can audition as this “learning” title character.

We Get It, Nicholas Sparks.

If you mixed up the titles with all the book covers, they would be no different. Oh, except for one.

THE NOTEBOOK. Because Ryan Gosling, muthafuckas.

Anyone else think they could totally do Sparks’ job? All you have to do is think of some sad situation that a guy has gone through, then introduce said guy to a wavy-haired girl who lives in the fucking boonies and make them fall in love after an accidental sequence of events, then BAM! One of them dies. Or not and they make out in the rain.

It’s really not that difficult. Us women are far too easy to please in the romantic department. Just look at the success of Twilight or 50 Shades. I think Mr. Sparks needs a writing challenge, and I’m here to give it to him.

Let’s see him write a story based off the following picture.

Do it.