This Is The Best & Weirdest Thing Ever Created.

Nothing says curling up by a warm fire with a book and a glass of wine like Nicolas Cage’s face, amiright?

Try to deny this set of eyes wrapping around your body.

Its ear to ear, faded hairline technology immediately locks in warmth where any Snuggie or normal looking blanket completely fails. Plus, it’s got soft eyes.

I don’t know whether it’s a wall hanging blanket, a couch throw blanket, or something to burn immediately after throwing it in a basket of bees.

What do you think Nic Cat?


He seems unresponsive and unimpressed. And possibly choked?

How about you, Nic Baby?

I think he’s already laying on it and probably pooped a bit. That’s an IN.

And you, Nic Clinton?

You are in my nightmares.

That’s 2 out of 3 Nic’s voting yes, or so I’m assuming with that last one. No burning of the Nic Cage blanket – huzzah!

If this were my blanket, I’d fold it up differently everyday with a bit of Nic eye always showing and place it strategically around the world. THE WORLD.