This Is The Greatest License Plate Of All Time.

But only because it’s on THIS vehicle. Otherwise this shit wouldn’t work, folks.

Puns, my dears. They’re a fucking hoot.


Let me know you, please. I have a high five with your name on it.

See guys, this is why we need to keep teaching our youth about the English language and all its double meanings. They must learn and understand wordplay so that they can do great things like order super silly license plates like these.

For the kids and our future. Perspective, people.

I Have The Sense Of Humor Of A 2-Year Old.

Because I laughed wayyyyy too hard at this.


Is the seagull giant or is the man tiny – WHAT AM I LOOKING AT??!┬áThe perspective of this picture is amazing, and whoever took it deserves a Pulitzer.

Seriously, I cannot stop staring at this seagull. Those little stick legs in perfect symmetry, and the head straight on. I can only imagine it’s about to take a fat shit on this poor tiny man walking by. Are you kidding me?? WHY. Why am I so amused?

Whatever. I’m pretty sure the seagull is looking at me, too. At least, it is with its left eye.