Once You Go Black…

It’s Earth Day, humans.

Today we celebrate this great planet, the only one that really matters. Except maybe Mars since we’re super interested in it. And probably Jupiter, because it’s fucking huge. And let’s not forget Saturn with it’s awesome rings and shit. And Venus! We can see Venus, that’s fucking cool. Not to mention Mercury, which braves the closest distance to the Sun. We’re definitely never building life on you, Mercury. Though I wouldn’t mind calling Uranus home. (IT WILL NEVER GET OLD.)

And the Sun is really neat. It burns me a lot, but it’s ginormous and fiery and stuff.

Let’s give some love to the Universe!



On this day that we devote to loving our planet Earth more so than usual, let’s backtrack to something that’s really no good for her, whatsoever.


I’m done here.