Honest License Plate is Honest.

I’ve mentioned my affinity for personalized “vanity” license plates before, and while on the look out for ridiculous things to share with you, my dear readers, I happen to choose a goddamn license plate more times than I probably should.

But I cannot. stop.


Clearly this says “can’t walk,” but I think it’s equally hilarious that one might read it as “cunt walk.” Because who wouldn’t want to see that? I mean, that might not be a wheelchair sign on the left, it might be an ecstatic person sitting on a ball-like chair, eagerly waiting this cunt walk. Or they just can’t walk, so they’re compensating well with this fantastically creative license plate on, what seems like, a rice rocket low rider driven on living room carpet. Fitting, no?

This may or may not seal the deal on my ticket to hell.

But, hey, they started the joke. If there’s an issue, I’ll just start running. Or power walk, depending on their hand-to-wheel speed.