Valar HBO-ghulis

“All men must order HBO.” Wiki that shit, it won’t come up.

Game of Thrones season four starts this Sunday.


I cannot begin to tell you my feelings about this. Except that’s a total exaggeration (welcome to the internet) because I can, and I will. I’ll keep it simple, let’s play fill in the blank:

Game of Thrones season four premieres this Sunday and I’m feeling _______.

  • terrified
  • excited
  • anxious
  • so ready
  • pissed
  • not ready at all
  • vengeful
  • horny
  • entirely depressed, was the Red Wedding only two episodes ago?!?
  • badass
  • hopeful
  • not hopeful at all
  • hot and bothered

I’m only a few hundred pages into A Feast for Crows (that’s GoT book four, for those anti-literature fans), so I feel somewhat behind in my preparation. When the Red Wedding happened last season, I was a few chapters away from it, so I knew half of what was going on, but was blindsided by the actual wedding massacre. I’m not sure which way I would have preferred. Regardless, I feel beaten and bruised and completely pissed off, so HELLO season four! So good to see you! It’s been a goddamn year, you scarlet whore of a show.