Poetry Is Not Dead – At Least, Not In This Bathroom Stall.

I’m glad to learn that the art of haiku-ing still lives on.

And from a Cee Lo Green pop song, no less!

What have we learned from this fine, if not slightly vomit-inducing, public restroom display of poetry? That perhaps the right haiku could make you a millionaire with a #1 hit song? That you should always equip yourself with a Sharpie when using a public bathroom? That “haiku” should become the new form of television censorship for “fuck you”? (Get on this TBS/TNT)

Or, perhaps, it’s that haikus help stimulate regular bowel movements.

Regardless, I’m glad these disgusting stalls are keeping poetry alive. I’m sure Shakespeare started very similarly, carving sonnets into outhouse walls.

How do I love thee? Let me count my balls.

Yep, probably just like that.