Well, Of Course They Did.

My ancestors know how to mind their P’s and Q’s, even when under the influence of some P’s and Q’s.

(Did you know that saying originated in Ireland and stand for Pints and Quarts? YEAH. I’m not just a pretty face with a wit that won’t quit, people.)

But seriously, only the Irish.

Anything else would be¬†sacrilegious. Besides, I’m pretty sure drinking to the Irish is like hydrating to Americans. I also hope they name this motion, DUIrish: Drinking Under the Irish.

Being very Irish myself, I don’t actually know this feeling because the tolerance gene somehow missed my DNA strands as a tiny fetus baby. Instead, I manage to get drunk off sparkling cider every Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thus, I am an Irish girl with a very low tolerance of alcohol.

I hope this qualifies me as some type of unicorn. Oprah, come find me.