It’s The Final Countdown.

Hey, Brother.

Don’t make a huge mistake this weekend.


I’m gonna blue all over myself, and I can’t fucking wait.

The Final Countdown To The Return Of Arrested Development.

Dreams, they do come true.

After years of hoping and no touching, it’s finally been announced that Arrested Development is truly, really, honestly coming back on May 26th. Netflix, you goddamn magical techwhores, I’ve never been more proud to give you $7.99/month.



I’ve never loved the color orange as much as I do right this second. It’s fucking glorious, isn’t it? The tagline itself made me pee a little.

In case you aren’t grasping the full scope of my excitement over this best news ever, allow me to elaborate.




Here Ye, Here Ye! Arrested Development Art Thou A Fuckin’ Awesome Picture.

I have no idea what that title is but let’s not give any shits about it. What I do know is the cast of Arrested Development have reunited – and in an EW spread which makes it so much more REAL! – in the greatest picture of all time. I want it mounted on my living room wall. Better yet, I want it painted on my living room wall. Corner to corner. I’ll live so happily, every day.

It’s so goddamn beautiful. And Michael Cera is giving some of the best face of his life here.


I’m so happy right now.