Lazy, Adaptive, or Stupid As F*@K?

It’s hump day, folks, which means we’re halfway to the weekend. If that little golden token doesn’t already rev your engine, then take a look at these fuckers.


This can’t end well. In fact, let’s think of all the things that are sure to result from the above photo:

  • Mr. Muffintop has Emergency Room written all over him, because his skinny friend isn’t gonna amount to shit. Look at those gangly arms – he’s only there for verbiage and already uncommitted to any use of his 1st grade muscles.
  • That couch is going to die. Fall apart, break up, and die. There’s just no getting around it. Mr. Muffintop will fail, miserably.
  • This is clearly one of their parents’ house, just look at those lampshades and Ben Franklin’s old writing desk. Someone is going to get removed from the will. My money is on Mr. Muffintop or Stretch Armstrong up top. They’re the only ones committed to this terrible idea.
  • See ya, bannister.
  • You too, ceiling fan.
  • When the cat clears the way and actually positions itself high above ground, shit is about to go down. And that couch is the color of shit.

I only hope they sketched it out before making this attempt, like Ross did.