Treat Yo Self To Some Great TV Tonight.

This is your Fall TV alert sounding off, telling you to make plans with your couch tonight. I hope you paid extra for DVR, otherwise you’ll have to wait some stupid 17 hours or something for Hulu to get their shit together.

Anywho, I’m so excited for tonight, because I’ve just realized – as of today – my Thursdays have become a night of Must-See-TV, once again. It also means I’ll have no time to shower, so I’ll just bathe in my tears (have you SEEN Parenthood?).

In tonight’s lineup:


Thursday Night Football. Sometimes this won’t be as big of a deal, depending on my fantasy players schedules, but the Niners play tonight, so I’ll be a nervous, shouting, pacing wreck. The channel won’t be changed, unless we’re either a) kicking SO much ass that my devotion is redundant, or b) losing so very, very badly that my devotion is redundant. Either way, it’s football, and nothing makes me happier than grown men in tight pants wrapping each other up and crashing to the ground.

Parks and Recreation - Season 5

Parks & Recreation. Season 6 starts tonight, it will be recorded, just in case the game runs long. I thought this was actually premiering last week after I mistakenly read their Facebook posts as “THIS WEEK” rather than “ONE WEEK.” That was a harsh reality. Regardless, my favorite cast is back tonight, so I feel pretty damn invincible – I might try stopping a bus with my bare hands later.


Parenthood. Just typing out the name of the show made me cry a little. If you haven’t been watching this show, you probably haven’t cried enough in your life. Stop bottling up your emotions, let the feelings flow. I’m not a mother or a husband or a 7-year old boy, but this show makes me feel like I’m ALL OF THEM at the same time. The Braverman’s are the greatest family on television, and we should all only hope to be invited to one of their kooky dinner parties. But only after we’ve cried a lot, enough to fill up a mason jar, because that’s the hip thing these days, right?

There you have it. My life tonight. So very diverse: sports, comedy, and crying.

I only hope you have just as productive of a night as moi.