What’s Wrong With This Picture?

This will be fun.

There are various things wrong in the picture below, but one is far more glaring – if not the most obvious – than the rest.

Low budget, sci-fi porn movie female character with no last name, won’t you step right up?


Let’s make a list:

  • That’s a spandex shorts romper jumpsuit with a mock turtleneck. I’m so upset right now.
  • There’s a pesky tear in the front.
  • Fannypack.
  • Knee high boots.
  • She’s…married? Or it’s a ring tan. I’ll go with the latter.
  • Selfies are just the worst.

If you guessed urinals from the get-go, then CONGRATULATIONS! You didn’t have to notice the other less shitty things wrong with this picture.

Seriously, though. Sci-fi porn must allow for co-ed bathrooms. I mean, it makes sense. Where else would they have sex? There can’t be a copy machine in space. They’re so far beyond that.